The ALN Academy hosted the CiArb YMG Conference themed ‘The Path to 40: Pioneering New Frontiers for Young ADR Practitioners’ on Day one of the” Celebrating 40 Years of Excellence & Reflecting on the Future of ADR in Africa” by Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb). It was a day filled with discussions and invaluable connections, as arbitrators gathered to carve their niche in the world of dispute resolution.

The conference provided a platform for knowledge exchange and professional growth, from thought-provoking keynote addresses to engaging panel sessions.

Our director, Aisha Abdallah, delivered the welcoming remarks, and Mr. Jonathan Wood FCIArb, in his keynote speech set the tone with wisdom and insight, emphasizing the importance of adaptability and embracing AI as an ally rather than a rival. His journey, marked by iconic cases and invaluable experiences, serves as inspiration for the next generation of ADR practitioners.

From career advancement strategies to the intersection of AI and dispute resolution, the panels offered invaluable perspectives and practical advice. The first session saw Mispa FRI AWASUM (Ph.D in view, LLM, MSc, LLB, M.CIArb (UK), Benard Ogutu, MCIArb., and Luisa H. Cetina shared their expertise, underscoring the significance of continuous professional development and personal branding in the ADR realm.

The following session chaired by Samantha Masengeli , MCIArb, MCIArb, ignited a thought-provoking dialogue on the role of AI in arbitration. While AI presents opportunities for efficiency and innovation, the consensus echoed President Wood’s sentiment: our human touch remains indispensable in the pursuit of justice.

The final session, moderated by Akoth Aluoch, MCIArb saw various panelists such as Prof. Kariuki Muigua Ph.D,FCIArb,Ch.Arb,OGW, Lauraine Darkwah, MCIArb and Lily Ngeresa give tips on what skills the parties to an arbitration need for an effective arbitration.

At the ALN Academy, we are committed to promoting the Rule of Law in Africa through capacity building for government, quality legal training for private practitioners and students, and fostering collaborations with strategic partners in academia, NGOs, government bodies, and local and regional law societies. We are proud to support Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb) as they contribute to the advancement of legal education, professional development, and the practice of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) across the continent.

We extend our gratitude to the organizers and attendees of this event.

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