Peace & Democracy

Africa is victim to stints of instability, and the democratic processes within Africa are, at times, marred by various undesirable activities such as corruption. Strengthening democracy requires transparent and accountable electoral processes, respect for human rights, and the rule of law. African nations must prioritise conflict prevention, mediation, and reconciliation efforts to mitigate the root causes of conflicts and promote peaceful resolutions.

One of the core missions of ALN Academy is to play an instrumental role in empowering both public and private organisations across Africa to fortify their governance and compliance frameworks. In this context, governance encompasses the essential structures and processes required to uphold the principles of the rule of law, accountability, transparency, equality, empowerment, and stability.

Governance For A
Flourishing Africa.

Our unwavering commitment is to offer comprehensive support to both the public and private sectors in their pursuit of enhancing governance structures. We believe these efforts are pivotal for securing a brighter future for the continent.

Meet the Board

Meet the ALN Academy Board. We leverage the best of African, global, private, and public expertise to achieve our mission. The members of the board bring a…

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