Youth & Migration

With Africa’s youthful population being one of its greatest assets, harnessing its potential is crucial for sustainable growth. Yet, many of these youth seem to gravitate away from the continent, with many choosing greener pastures elsewhere. The key to Africa’s success is in its youth. The continent needs to fashion ways to become and remain attractive so that the youth will want to remain within Africa.

ALN Academy recognises the importance of retaining this talent within Africa. We provide comprehensive legal education and awareness programs for youth, ensuring they understand their rights and the legal requirements for working or studying across African countries.

Our advocacy extends to promoting policies that facilitate intra-African mobility, including removing restrictive immigration regulations and supporting initiatives like the African Union’s Free Movement Protocol. We conduct research to understand youth migration drivers better and use this data to inform our program development and policy advocacy.

Fostering African
Talent for A
Sustainable Future

ALN Academy raises awareness about the benefits of staying in Africa and advocates for reforms in areas like land ownership and business regulations to create a conducive environment for youth to thrive.

We endeavour to harness Africa’s youthful potential and create a continent that not only attracts but retains the talent of its youth.

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