Strategic Themes

Our strategic focus revolves around leveraging Africa’s potential in ESG and the green economy, emphasizing intra-African trade for economic growth, retaining the continent’s youth, addressing gender disparities, and promoting peace and democracy through transparent governance and conflict prevention measures.

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Green Economy

With the rise of green industries such as renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, and eco-tourism, Africa is leveraging its natural assets and youthful population to foster sustainable development, attract investments, create jobs, and address pressing socio-environmental challenges.

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Intra-African trade is a key driver of economic growth and regional integration across the continent. African nations recognise the importance of strengthening trade relations within the continent to unlock its vast economic potential.

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Youth &

With Africa’s youthful population being one of its greatest assets, harnessing its potential is crucial for sustainable growth. Yet, many of these youth seem to gravitate away from the continent, with many choosing greener pastures elsewhere.

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Gender parity, rightly, is dubbed as the way to achieve the most optimum development. The same undoubtedly applies to Africa.

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Peace & Democracy

Africa is victim to stints of instability, and the democratic processes within Africa are, at times, marred by various undesirable activities such as corruption. Strengthening democracy requires transparent and accountable electoral processes, respect for human rights, and the rule of law.

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