Now Live! Gracious Growth: A Conversation with Professor Paolo Taticchi

This thought-provoking interview sheds light on the global momentum propelling sustainability initiatives and the concept of “gracious growth,” urging businesses to prioritize holistic success that encompasses stakeholder well-being.

Watch the full interview to gain deeper insights into embedding sustainability as a strategic imperative and thriving in today’s rapidly evolving global landscape.

Watch the full interview:

Listen to the episode here (Available on all podcast platforms @ALN Academy):

🎙️ Speakers:
Paolo Taticchi, OMRI: Professor in Strategy and Sustainability & School Deputy Director, UCL School of Management
Aisha Abdallah: Director, ALN Academy

ALN Imperial College London Wangui Kaniaru Dr. Edward Kwakwa Angeline Welsh KC Luis Franceschi Karim Anjarwalla Arooj Sheikh Zayn Aslam

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