Sports Law in Domestic and International Arbitration

On Friday, the ALN Academy hosted a fireside chat on sports law in domestic and international arbitration in collaboration with the ICC Arbitration Young Arbitrators Forum (YAAF). The event was attended by both online and in-person participants, who had the opportunity to learn from and engage with experts in sports law and arbitration.

The panel of speakers discussed various topics related to sports law and arbitration. Aisha AbdallahJohn Ohaga SCProf. Kariuki Muigua, and Khayran Noor discussed various ethical issues and best practices for sports lawyers and arbitrators. They also talked about the impact of COVID-19 on sports disputes, the importance of diversity and inclusion in sports law and arbitration, emerging trends and developments in the field, as well as the potential of technology and innovation. Additionally, they touched on the opportunities and career paths available for young practitioners in sports law and arbitration.

The ALN Academy is proud to have partnered with the ICC YAAF team to organize this event. We aim to promote the rule of law and good governance, including in the area of sports. We believe that sports law and arbitration are important and emerging areas of practice, and we are committed to equipping young practitioners with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in this field.

We thank all the speakers and participants for making this event a success.
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Moderator:James Ngotho Kariuki


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